Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Burning away the old, to erect the new

I have had a Heck of a Year!  I am pretty sure you all have too.  These past few weeks, like many of you I find myself looking back to see what was accomplished and to take the time to float, dwell, dip into those memories that made the year potent.

 Some of these were:  My son turning 3 and his wonderful birthday party.  Spending time with the Southern Delta Wicca Clan.  Spending time with my friends Bella and Joanna.  Loving moments with my husband. Traveling to Pagan Unity Festival and sharing the Sacraments of the Gods with Pagans, and having the privilege to share what I had learned in the form of Workshops.  Traveling to Gathering of theTribes doing a HUGE main ritual, and teaching several workshops, and getting to sit on a Board to help people that are wanting to "start up" new Wiccan organizations.  Moving from one small Temple worship building; to another larger Temple worship space and converting it together with others for the Gods.  Cultivating friendships with people in my immediate circle and community that will last forever!

I am not ignoring the bad (I despise this word it is not adequate as an adjective):  criticisms, complaints, harassment, threats, slander, lies,arguments, heart-break,  helping people I love with diseases, cancer, visiting hospitals,  crossing overs, crying nights, lonely desolation, and hands tossed up in the air.  I just realize that the BOTH make a hearty brew of the year 2013.

On our path, there is no light without dark.  On our path, learning how to direct the "dark" within yourself  and that is outside of yourself (yep you cannot control this) into a productive activity, project, or life lesson is the challenge. 

"We take the yule log and we pour into it all we have suffered...everything.  We take the time to let the weight and darkness come into us and the tears fall.  I have bathed my Gods and Goddesses in those tears.  We let the pain rip through us until we can bear it no longer....the agony, the heart that feels that it will never be healed.  Then we drill five holes into that log.  The angst, anger, frustration, of not being able to control heartache, disease, death, loss, is thought about as we realize we can control the drilling, the accuracy of the circle we are drawing slowly and deliberately into that piece of Oak.  The mind flutters and merges with the Oak.  The Oak has survived much pain, much loss, dropped the dead weight that was dragging it down; so that it could grow....we thanked that Oak tree for the gift of the log.  It is grateful to be able to give to us the gift; for everything is useable.  Everything is transformative. 

Five holes were made.  One for Air, one for Fire, one for Water, one for Earth, and one for Spirit. The Gold candles which were chosen carefully are placed within the log.  I, the Priestess think on the story of how ISIS, my Goddess, took a baby and ran him through the flames of a fire over and over to purify him...just as gold is refined removing the dross.  I know that she will refine us like Gold.  I know that Spirit will come and make us see; that this is part of the cycle of life.  It is not all happy and light, it is not all laughter....but it asks me to FOCUS ON THE GOOD!"

When I am looking at everything I have a choice on what to dwell on.  I can dwell on the sorrow, or I can dwell on the relief and happiness and joy.  I can choose to focus on the loss of a income or to focus on the fact that I have food, a roof over my head, a heater, clothing, a bed, a wonderful family.  I can choose to let people who have hurt me make me bitter, or I can choose to focus on the people who love me no matter what and make me whole; and a better person.  I can choose, to let negative energy focused on me bring me down; or I can choose to filter it and use it in a way that promotes and propels the community in a new direction.  CHOICE. I have CHOICE.  I am not powerless. I am POWERFUL.  I am never Limited.  I am LIMITLESS.

I look at the old discarded dead Oak branch that we have now decorated with boughs of greenery, holly, ribbons, golden decorations, gilded ribbons, and have crowned with oiled beautiful golden candles.  I guess you can "make Beauty out of Shite"  even though I have heard here in the South you cannot.  My community has.  My family has.  My friends have.  I have. 

THIS is the lesson of Dark and Light.  This is the lesson of Death and Life.  This is the lesson of Joy and Sorrow.  This is the Ankh. 

Tonight we will all embrace a NEW YEAR, start with a CLEAN Slate, and begin a new.  Let us all remember life is not about Winning, or Losing.  It is about Choices.  It is not just a Journey; it is an Adventure.  It is a privilege.  YAY for all of us who have made it to 2014! I just know this is going to be our year!

Thank you all for another year, and the gift of your time.  May you be like the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, and may you RELISH and EMBRACE a LUST for LIFE!

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