Friday, December 13, 2013

Looking at the Season through the Eyes of a Child...

This morning, I did the usual thing I have to do every three months.  I removed my old contact lenses; and put new fresh ones in.  While I was busy throwing away the old ones and preparing my eyes for the new ones I realized that this was a wonderful Spiritual Analogy.  Especially since the Holidays are upon us and at times it is SOOOOO hard for we Adults to get all "jazzed" about something that is "old hat" and very "expensive" to us.

However, having four children, and four grandchildren has kept me not just frugal but seeing this season every year anew.  My kids all love Holiday songs, they do not care if it is Christian, Pagan, World Music, Classical, Indie Pop, they just love the Winter Holiday songs.  They sing Jingle bells, and Have yourself a merry little Christmas, just as quick as Rudolph.  They love candles, and stars, and elves, and snow men, and nativity scenes, and Santa Claus.  Of course they do, you could say, because they do not realize how much money goes into the season or how "commercialized" it is.  BUT you know what?  I do not believe that.

Children, love peppy songs and songs that are happy!  There is hardly any Sad song played during the Holidays even the Love songs say...well you ditched me last year, but this year I did better!  This holiday is one where we all shift to what we can do for others and seeing the POSITIVE in everything.  My children and grandchildren do not get alot of material possessions during the season, we do not watch commercial Television here; so they are not "caught up" in the materialism but they do understand that this season is one to ask..."for their hearts desire" cause' Santa/the Christmas Witch/Holly King some MAGICAL being is going to bring them a present that they could not get any other way than to ask for it.

Look at the faces of Children when they go places during the Holidays, my toddler boy Cayden points out the lights everywhere, and the decorations in people's yards, and he even notices how it "smells different" he says.  I took a whiff the other day and realized he is right, Pine, Peppermint, Chocolate, and human sweat are all mixed together during this season but maybe we should bottle that smell and wear it all year long so that we are more giving, and see the world through the eyes of a CHILD.

If we saw the world what would we see?  That is what I find myself asking today...I know I would have more hope, and believe in the innate good in people more...but what else could I see through the eyes of a child?  THIS week, I am going to ask my Goddess and God to help me see the world like a Child does, every part of it...and I am going to laugh louder, smile wider, and be more open to the possibilities around the corner.

When I get up on December 21st YULE morning for us, I think I am going to run in there and slide down the hall in my sock feet and have an expression of wonder on my face and clap my hands!  What will you do differently this Season?  How would your perspective change and what newness would you feel if you put in "NEW EYES" and saw this world from the Eyes of a Child?

Happy Holidays Ya'll! 


  1. This! My father had this and it made our memories of the holidays so much more. I have been missing this since he crossed over. Thank you!

  2. Thank you Yodwynn for sharing that with me; how honored I feel to realize that maybe for a second I might have "caught on to something" worth sharing.