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Happy Mabon: Egyptian-Heka Style

So if you are Wiccan/Pagan or a Witch that walks the Wheel of the Year (this means celebrating our Sabbats) you know that MABON is on the horizon.  But here in the Midsouth, Autumn is not even tipping our trees.  The leaves are not falling, and the hottest most humid months are at their peak.  I think that because the Wheel of the Year is based more on the UK that at times it is really hard to adapt here in the United States; but that is another blog/story altogether.

If you walk the Egyptian Path like me, you might find it difficult to find our Wheel and correspondences at all in the Celtic/British  Wheel.  So today, I am going to help you find took me a while; but I did.  Mabon is not just about the Autumn harvest it is about the Son Mabon (Lord of Light) of the Goddess (Modron) coming into his own, as his father MAKES a Sacrifice for the Greater good of the whole.  It seems Mabon the young God was hid away and protected by several animals until he grew strong enough to come forth and help the people of the world.

Well, strangely enough this story very easily corresponds with Isis/Horus/Osiris.  Isis had to hide her son Horus, he is well hidden and grows strong and withstands many lessons and challenges and is taught by Thoth the Ibis, and Serqet the Scorpion, and Wadjet the Cobra, and Heket the Frog, and Tauret the Hippo.  When the time is right, he emerges and is ready to face of against Set the God of Chaos so that things can be set back into place...and that the wheel of Human years will flow with "the stars".  The Celestial Map that the Egyptians walk by in short more Astrology and Sun guiding you externally, and the Moon is used to illuminate the lessons of the Sun.

Some facts about HORUS and his names because these are the qualities of him you want to concetrate on for MABON see which name he brings to you (Ask him personally to help you know which one to use)!  Use that name working with him until the next Sabbat/turning of the wheel! 

Harsiesis (Horus son of Isis) This Horus was the son of Isis and Osiris. He was conceived magically after the death of Osiris and brought up by Isis on a floating island in the marshes of Buto. The child was weak and in constant danger from the scheming of his wicked uncle Seth, who sent serpents and monsters to attack him. But his mother, Isis was great in the magical arts and she warded off this evil by using a spell against creatures biting with their mouths and stinging with their tails, and the young Horus survived and grew.

Harpokrates (The infant Horus) As a child he represented the new born sun and was often pictured being suckled by Isis. he was usually represented as a seated child, sucking his thumb, his head was shaved except for the sidelock of youth. Even as a child, he wore the royal crown and uraeus.

Horus Behudety In the form of Horus of Edfu, he represented the midday sun. This Horus was worshipped in the western Delta and later, as his cult spread south into Upper Egypt, a cult center was established in Edfu. Horus of Edfu fights a great battle against Seth and an army of conspirators. He is pictured as a winged sun-disk or as a hawk headed lion.

Harendotes (Horus the avenger of his father).
Heru, Hor, Harendotes/Har-nedj-itef (Horus the Avenger),

So if you are Egyptian and you wanted to relate this all to your Pagan/Wiccan/Witch sisters and brothers what are you to do? 

1. Do a ISIS and Horus ritual!

by Rev. Sonya Miller Egyptian-Heka Tradition

Items needed:  1. Red carnelian, Blue Lapis Lazulu (these are to represent the two eyes of Horus) 

2. White feather, or Ostrich feather for Maat  (you should always have one of these on your Egyptian Altar)

3.  Sugar cookies shaped like triangles (a modern representation of shat- cake) thought to be his favorite
4.  Dark brown beer for HORUS 
5. Milk for ISIS 
6.  Rose petals for Isis 
7.  Honey for her the best you can afford.
8.  Ankh on altar 
9.  White and Black candle
10.  Cauldron
11.  Charcoals to burn incense on
(12)  Incense (Rosemary is always associated with Horus, Khufru incense is my favorite, Juniper berries ground always work well, and Frankincense and Myrrh, Sandalwood and Rose) 
 (13)  Paper and Pen
The Spiritual Lesson you are supposed to be gaining from Mabon is there in the Mythos of Isis and Horus.  Isis has given birth to a new creative being (we call him Horus); and she and many other Gods and Goddesses have fought to protect that new idea/creative project/ physical manifestation all year round.  Now is the time to THANK HER for doing this, and to ask that Idea she has helped you co-create come into Physical Manifestation or form so that you can see it, and work with it, and walk with it yourself.  The symbol for that Manifestation is Horus.  For he is the new Young Strong God.
Cast a Circle of Protection (I say a pyramid)  make sure you do not forget below you is Geb, and above you is NUT.   Invite in Isis and Horus.  Take your piece of paper and start writing down all you are grateful for that has happened since the last Sabbat to this one (take the time to figure out what that period is BEFORE circle)  Roll it up loosely sprinkle some of that incense in it...burn it.  Say THank you ISIS, sing her a song, dance wildly, or just send her all the joy in your heart. 
Next, think of the best and strongest thing in your life or idea that has manifested a possibility that you might want to develop.  Mine is a "writing project"  pick yours!  Now write that down, and blow on it and say Horus at least Nine times....(with the name you feel intuitevely he sent you or use all the cannot hurt)  Burn it, and as you do look at the smoke and flame and visualize it transforming to a HUGE BIRD flapping its wings until it rises and becomes a huge SUN.......Hold up your offering to Horus and thank him before hand.  NOW tell him what you are going to do to make that dream manifest in the next Sabbat.
Bless your food, eat a cookie, drink some of the beer and the milk (pick your order how you want to drink it I use mild first then beer for my tummy) 
Take down the pyramid.
Take the ashes outside and when they are done burning...BLOW THEM TO THE WIND.
Go inside and look at your calendar and start setting aside time each day to make that dream a reality.  Does it mean waking up an hour early?  Does it mean no television or less facebook.  Remember you Promised Horus you would make it happen with him.  Now the rest of this period everytime you feel like procrastinating or putting it off or feel stuck, call on Horus (use that sacred name he gave you) and know IT IS DONE, just go collect your Prize!
Duat Horus!
Duat Isis!
Enjoy ...and if you have any questions please feel free to POST THEM UNDER THIS.  I will be gone for the weekend at Gathering of the Tribes 2013, see you when I return.

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