Wednesday, August 28, 2013

How to be a better Witch, Wiccan, Pagan, etc...

I get emails from people asking me this question alot.  I should be amused, and in the beginning I was taken aback but by now I am comfortable with this question.  First, you obviously need assurances if you ask this question and so let me say...there is no WRONG way to be any of these things.  There are ways I wish you would not portray our "Craft/Path" but these are my perceptions and this is my blog and I do not wish to fill it up with silly drivel or assy statements about who "embarrasses me" or my brothers and sisters of the craft.  That is not my job; my mission is to help others and encourage them.

That being said...and remembering there is no award or Trophy for what we do.....

How do you get better at a Path?  Well you practice it.  You put down the book you are reading, or the blog you are looking at right now and you do something to help you grow.  These are some suggestions, not mandatory things I think can help you.  Actually, I know they will help you.

1.  Go for a walk.  If you live in a suburban neighborhood like me, look at the trees, notice and smile at your neighbors and listen to the birds, notice the clouds.

2.  Go out every morning and greet the sun.

3.  Go out at night time and connect with the moon.

4.  Notice the stars and the formations and planets, see how many you know.  Learn a new one.  Hey download that Google app for it on your phone hold it up to the sky!  Now you know what you are looking at.

5.  Pray.  Yep, I said it pray.  Talk to Spirit, feed it your dreams, your hopes, your fears, ask for direction and wisdom.

6.  Respect the planet you live on.  Do not litter and yes this counts cigarette butts and cups from Mcdonalds. 

7.  Give the benefit of the doubt to others that either share your path; or do not share your path.  If you truly believe we are all Spirit, then respect another person's Spirit.

8.  Share your observations with others if they ask how was your day?  Say I got up and saw the sun and stretched and it made me smile and think of you and how there were Goddesses like Isis and Saule, and Amaterusu that were female and considered to be part of the Sun Energy.  Why do you think that is?

9.  Look for the Goddess and the God all around you, and within you, but most importantly WITHIN others!

10.  Get up every morning and turn your day around by humming, singing, dancing, and tapping your foot (even it is impatiently why the coffee is a brewing).  ASK God/Goddess how you can serve them.

11.  Help others.  If you can possible help someone, do it.  Do not starve yourself to help another, but yes stop and help someone change a tire; or buy a used tire, or just give them a book to read or send them a text.  Don't sad face them on facebook, or air hug them...reach real!

12.  FEED your soul!  Pagans have an issue with reading daily devotionals because they notice they are geared to Christians.  SO WHAT?  I mark out Jesus and put in Isis in it's place same principal.  Hey!  Read a Self-help book, but feed your soul...IF you do not feed your soul, then how can you grow?

13.  Have altars set up in your home.  Yes, that means if it is a picture, a plant, a gnome in the front yard take the time to make your space sacred and a sanctuary.

14.  Go to a meetup for Pagans/Wiccans/Witch's you don't have to commit but you might find out about something going on in your area you want to take part in or could help others with...and that is always good.  Plus, you learn about others paths and they help you. Learning is cool! 

15.  Volunteer at a soup kitchen, or clothing swap, or any kind of public charity and let them know YOU ARE PAGAN!  Yep, help change our public image by showing people that we are real, and normal (well that is overrated but you get my point) and we do make a positive difference.

16.  Be a great parent!  ( I am leaving this open because you know what that is to you and I do not judge other's parenting skills unless you harm the child or starve them)

17.  Share your abilities.  If you are Pagan/Wiccan/Witch then please share whatever you do with the public.  If you do Reiki, share it.  If you read cards, share it.  If you are a medium share it. Gifts are not given to keep or hide under a bushel.

18.  Go to a Pagan festival.  This will help you grow more than anything I know because you will be forced to open your mind and heart to others that walk your path and it will show you how diverse it is!

19.  Spend time with an Elderly person.  Yes, I said that because it shows you the Crone and the Sage in the Physical form and it teaches you to be comfortable and see the beauty and swap off that comes with ageing.

20.  Trust yourself.  Believe in yourself.  Believe in your connection to source.

Now I am sure you are going to think of others, I can right now as I write this.  However, if you do one of these a day I guarantee you will grow.  I say this, because the only way to be better at anything is to grow.  You know when you stop growing?  When you die. 

Thank you for the gift of your time, and keep those emails a coming!



  1. 21. Stop pretending like "witchcraft" is a religion.

  2. Dear ANON Witchcraft is a spiritual system with tenants, and ethics and values like any other. WICCA which is what I have established a church under has underneath it the category of Witchcraft and Paganism. "In the USA, the court case of Dettmer v. Landon in 1986 established that Wicca was a religion, and therefore should be treated as such under the eyes of the law." This means it is Legal, and wow...a Religion! Thank you for the gift of your time

  3. thank you m'Lady, I needed to read that today... sometimes I forget that the simple things I have bound into the ritual of my day are a part of this path I am on. The moments I sit under the moon, and speak to Her, count... the time i spend basking in the glories of the sun, count.... the time i take to teach tolerance, counts... I often wonder what I can do "more", when maybe what I need, is to do what I already do, more mindfully. :)

  4. Very well said, and great suggestions! Some have a tendency to forget that things as simple as taking a walk can aid the spirit in its growth and in healing.