Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why are you smiling like a goat in a briarpatch?

When I was a little girl, I spoke to spirits and they spoke back.  I heard the words of the Gods and Goddesses in the breeze and felt them breathing with me and through me.  I ran with fairies, and laughed with pixies, I dug for treasure with gnomes, I laid out Little Debbie oatmeal pies and poured out Coca' Colas on the ground for the land spirits.  I walked with spirit and spirits...they walked with me.  Most of us had these experiences when we were little children but it was when we got older that we told those spirits goodbye and went on to do other things; only to lose that gift when we could really use it.

Have any of you read stories of humans getting lost in the world of the "fairy"?  Or those tails that are old that have to do with how humans have walked between the veil and never came back?  I read those stories when I was little, and really did not understand what would be so bad about crossing the veil, or finding your way into the lad of the Fae and not coming back.  It seemed to me as a child and sometimes later as an adult that the world of Spirits and Gods and Goddesses was cooler than the world I lived in.

Later, when I was about college age I discovered the meditation techniques of journeying and realized that I could go for hours if I was in a quite spot and undisturbed and discover all kinds of things, while having fun with deities or spirits.  However, one day it hit me that while it was wonderful to meditate, have visions, work magick and commune with the other-world that the human psyche and mind was not meant to walk there and live there all the time.  If it was, well we would not be born in a physical body and be walking on the physical plane of earth.  When I accepted this truth, and asked my guides about it they agreed and I found that from time to time they would even back off and leave me to my own tools to discover and work things out with other human beings.  It was an epiphany to realize we are put here to learn spiritual truths to ACT upon them on a physical plane and INTERACT with human beings to understand completely what they were sharing with me.

IT is not good to spend all or most of your time "in the astral plane" in the "ethers" communing or walking with "spirit"  not because they would physically harm you but  because you are doing physical, and mental damage to yourself to do so. Some people I think the world of have shared with me people that they years ago started groups with who "got lost" in the spirit plane and have never ever been the same mentally.  They told me stories of witches they knew that were such good mediums or had established such a strong tie to a spirit, guide, or Goddess that they completely deserted their physical life and the people within it to the detriment of their health.  I have known a few people that have done this, I have walked that fine line myself before as has my husband...but if you find yourself spending more time communing with spirits or Gods and Goddesses than people (and people on the internet or in a online video game do not count) you are not becoming "more enlightened" you are becoming "a little unhitched".

Also, please keep in mind the following:  while we have all grown up  in a Judeo Christian perspective Pagan Gods do not open portals of hell in your closet, do not posses you to have you lose your jobs, and really have no reason to want to make a marriage contract with you.  Now, to "other spiritual paths" this might seem a bit "addled" but as a Pagan myself I can claim and say I DO understand the love, passion, and devotion and fun involved walking with spirits.  YET, I am cautioning you to wake up and realize the difference between movies you have watched, books you have read, role games you have played, books you would  like to write, and the REAL world. You, were sent here to interact with people on a physical plane; to act upon and out the lessons you have heard and learned from spirit.  If you find yourself losing a husband, a job, or relationships with children because you are so internalized for your inner spiritual ear and need to stop!

Yes, YOU NEED TO STOP!  If you find Loki possessing you so that you lose a job...stop working with Loki.  Stop doing anything other than praying or singing until you get "regrounded" and have another job.  If you find that Hermes, your spirit lover, is jealous of any other relationship you have and drives off your other love interests...PLEASE stop working with HERMES.  If you believe you are CURSED because you pissed off ODIN laying out the wrong offering and now everything you do he makes rotten...then STOP working with ODIN.  If you find all three are happening to you at the same time...maybe you need to get a new spiritual path or find a spiritual mentor or teacher.

I believe that if you have found the RIGHT spiritual path it will help you!  You will see the fruits and garden of that persons life blooming...even if "bad things" happen to them they will stride right on through because they have internalized great lessons.  It will not cause you to "lose a job", "isolate other people", "become seriously depressed", or ask you to do anything that would "cause you or others harm".  I realize some of you are going to say you do not beleive in "Harm Ye None" but what if you just apply this principle to yourself more of you might be happier and better adjusted in all realms of your life.

There I said it, and I pray that if any of you see your Pagan/Wiccan/Witch friends doing this to themselves you will speak up and help them...the last thing we need is a bunch of really cool people filling up mental asylums or becoming homeless because they found a direct connection to Apollo.  I really do not want to drive to Bolivar (insert your local Southern Crazy house here) to counsel people unless I have too.  So please, live here and listen occasionally.  Do not give up your gift, but do not let it take you over!  BALANCE is supposed to be what this path is about!

Thank you for the gift of your time...and Keep on sending me emails!


  1. I understand what you're saying but why would being in the spirit land cause you to lose your mind or mental/physical health? I read all the way through, but I'm a little fuzzy. Please help?

    1. Because when you get to the point that it appeals to you more than your day to day life you end up spending more time there than here. If you listen to the spirits more than you do real people then you get in the habit of becoming "looney". Lunacy and Panic (from Pan) and Dementia are all REAL psychological diseases that are rooted from our practice!