Monday, October 31, 2011

Laying out the dishes is great...but where is the cherry pie?

Sing the following to the tune of Merry Xmas the War is Over, by John Lennon and Yoko Ono

"So it's a another Samhain,
and what have you done?
 another year is over...
and a New one has just begun...."

When I was a little girl, I used to hear this song in the Kmart, Sears, and the mall playing while my mom was pushing me around in a cart to buy consumer products such as clothing, toys, decorations, etc.  For Pagans, Samhain is about as close as we get to the excitement of the "muggly world" of Christ mas.  Yes, I understand we have Yule, but let us be honest...we all try to out-do the previous year in decorations, rituals, parties, costumes, and just witchy greatness!

Many of us do ancestor rituals on Samhain, some of us do divination, some of us just hoot and holler around a bonfire, but all of us do something for Samhain.  What I worry about is that in all the hustle and bustle of Samhain (and I am one of the biggest celebrators I know of it) we forget about one of the true meanings of the Holy Day.  It is the end of one year, and the beginning of another.  Laying out food for your ancestors is wonderful, lighting a candle for them fabulous...but if we do not take the time to think about the previous year what we have learned and what we have gained, what we have lost, and what we need to change or carry over to the previous year...then we are doing nothing more than laying out food for dead people.

Now, let us think about this you not think our ancestors would want us to stop and take note of our accomplishments of the previous year?  Do you not think they would want us to plan for the coming year?  Part of honoring your ancestors is the idea of "thanking them for all they taught you, and for the sheer luck of your genetics, sometimes it is thanking people for teaching  you as in honoring leaders in your communities, or just people you really appreciated from afar that have crossed the veil; but I bet if you were to ask them flat spokenly what they would like you to know about the coming year...they would give you common sense advice.  That is what is beautiful about the gift of Magick that it is about as practical as it gets. 

We worship the Crone mother, and the God of the Underworld during Samhain, both Gods that will help us get through the coming winter by helping us provide and plan for our families and our communities.  Yes, you should thank them...but what about sharing your plan for the coming year with them?  What about asking them to look down the road of life and help you find the easiest and smoothest way to get to your destination?  You can do that you know, there are no Magick 101 laws you are breaking to ask for assistance or wisdom.  In fact, that is what the Gods are here for.

So with you, I am going to share the following:  I am very proud that our Temple has grown, prospered, flourished, and accomplished new things!  I have learned so many new things spiritually, mentally, and emotionally that in one more year I have grown more than I did in five before the Church.  However, let it be noted I have made "hasty judgements" done things "because they were easier" and "have tried to please everyone failing miserably" and all of these things I have honestly had to take accounting for.

I thank my Mamaw Minnie for raising me to see life as very practical and magick as common sense.  I thank my spiritual teachers for "cheering me on"  and giving me signs of encouragement when I needed it.  I thank my Goddess Isis for all I have, my children, my husband, my community and my friends.  I, however, have two goals I want to inch closer two by next year for me personally...first I want to return to school for hopefully the last time to secure a job and income I think I can retire with.  Secondly, I want to inch closer to that book I "keep on talking about" but have not "the confidence or willpower" to finish.

Now, that was not that hard was it?  Tonight after I take my new little boy Cayden out trick or treating with my fellow Pagan parents and visit his grandparents I will set a dish of food out.  I will light a candle, I will remember my ancestors though I must be honest I do every day...but I think the best way I will do this is by living my life in a way they will be proud, courageously, honestly, and upfront.

"May you have a Merry Samhain!

and a Happy New Year

Let's hope it's a good one.

Without any fear!"

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