Friday, July 26, 2013

Because of Isis We give thanks! (Ritual to Isis included)

I rarely, if ever, do this; but I am going to jump out on a limb here and share one of my private group rituals with you (the public).  They are very easily duplicatable, and I feel pretty much full proof.  If your goal is to worship the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and to "walk with the Gods" and to live in Ma-at then this is the ritual for you!  

I also hope that people will search Google and find this, because so many people nowadays use other people's group rituals or base on on them from something that someone else wrote on the internet.  I am embracing technology and offering you the opportunity to experience what we at the Temple of the Sacred Gift feel every other weekend.  Enjoy!  and Thank you Isis.

Bowl for water,  blessed water from the River (the closest body of water to you will do mine is the Mississippi),  two cloths one dry one wet, blue lotus oil, candle, confetti, beads on a safety pin to hand out (Looks like a friendship pin from the 80's)

Purify the space before starting any ritual!  Sage, sing, beat drum, sweep up the residue!
CLEANSE the worshippers
Have everyone wash their hands before entering washcloth, one wet , one dry, and blue lotus oil in the bowl…


TOGETHER (this is the HPS/HPor HPS and HPS): Before us is SHU
EAST:  (Evocation)  Shu, God of Air please bring a Gift to this circle  and join us in the circle tonight to honor your Grandaughter Isis.  Hail Shu!

To the right of us is SEKHMET

SOUTH:   (Evocation)Sekhmet, Goddess of Fire please bring a gift to this circle and join us in the circle tonight to honor your friend Isis.  Hail Sekhmet

Behind us is Neferet

WEST:  (Evocation) Neferet, Goddess of Water please bring a gift to this circle (keep it open and let her decide what to bring) and join us in the circle to night to honor your Sister Isis…Hail Neferet!

To the left of us is OSIRIS

NORTH:  (Evocation)  Osiris, God of Eternal Life please bring a gift to this circle (keep it open and let him decide what to bring) and join us as we celebrate your wife’s Birthday Isis…Hail Osiris!

Below is always our father GEB

THE EARTH POINT DOWN:  ( EVOCATION) Geb, Father, we feel you under our feet please bring a gift to this circle (keep it open) and join us as we celebrate your daughters birthday isis…Hail Geb!

 Above us is always NUT our Mother the Sky

THE SKY ABOVE YOU THINK ATMOSPHERE POINT UP:  …(Emily evocation)  Nut, Sky mother you stretch out above us smiling please bring a gift to to this circle (keep it open so she can bring what she wants) to celebrate your daughter’s birthday Isis…Hail Nut!

Now we will call in the Special guests…

Aspirant:  Horus, Golden one, will you please come and join this circle and bring a gift for your Mother Isis as we celebrate her day of birth today?  Hail Horus!

Aspirant:  Thoth, Scribe of the Ages, will you please come and join this circle and bring a gift for your friend Isis as we celebrate her day of birth today?  Hail Thoth!

Angela:  Hathor, will you please come and join this circle and bring a gift for your friend Isis as we celebrate her day of birth today?  Hail Hathor!

Sonya: Isis, Will you please make a grand entrance and join this circle because we are all gathered here today to celebrate your birthday!  Thank you for all you have done for me, and the Temple of the Sacred Gift!  Hail ISIS!

ANGELA:  I am pretty sure that you all know by now it is Isis birthday.  I think it is pretty awesome that out of all the Goddesses I have met that Isis has a birthday! She was born according to Historians on July 17th.  All Egyptian Goddesses have birthdays. Back in the day people from all over the world came to celebrate, party, dance, drink, laugh, and be happy that a Goddess had been born on that day!

SONYA:  Did you know that when Isis was born, she was not the ALL POWERFUL glorious Goddess she is now, she was not even in the top ten worshipped!  Hathor was the Top Goddess of Choice, along with Sekhmet and Wadjet, Bastet and many others including Neith!   But as time passed, she endured surpassing them all in popularity.  I know Osiris would say it was because she married him; but I would like to say it is because she is the most easily relatable.

Angela:  Isis was human like us, she was a child, she was a teenager, she fell in love, and she married.  She became a princess and lived in the palace and visited all of her fellow Goddesses who also had palaces, and then her husband was killed and she was dethroned.  Then she became…

SONYA:  Homeless, and poor.  She had to find a way to make a living.  She took up the art of hairdressing, she became a perfumer, a midwife, an herbalist, she worked as a maid, she became a Nanny, and apparently she wasn’t very good at any of these jobs…because every story entails her being fired by her employer.  Then she became …
Angela:  ANGRY and SAD, just like our modern day emos she cut herself with her nails until she bled, even her beautiful face, she pulled her hair out in clumps, to remove the pain that was inside herself.  It is said that she was depressed, and cried all the time, to the point where people stopped and asked what was wrong only for her to ignore them and not take solace from others.  She was so angry it is said her screams rivaled the lions, and the vultures, and her words were like poison and even the scorpions ran in her presence.  Then she became….

Sonya:  Focused and motivated, she devised a plan and went out searching and gathering every piece of her lost love Osiris and decided to re-construct him.  She approached the Gods and Goddesses and asked them to help her with her plan…they pointed her in the right directions, and her step son Anubis promised to sew him back together.  Then she

Angela:  Like us her plan fell apart, Anubis sewed him back together but nothing happened; he remained motionless.  Only Ra could bring the dead to life.  Not be undone…She unveiled her trickster aspect and got Serquet and Wadjet to give her poison so that she could trick the King of Gods into giving her his power.  She then places a thorn in his path, while he is doing his daily walk (which means she had to stalk him and do detective work hiding in the bushes) and he steps on it becoming poisoned…then she

Sonya:  Offers to heal him, because Ra calls her to his bedside to make him well.  She offers him a deal (becoming a business woman) I will do this in exchange for your powerful name.  He gives it to her, she returns only to find out that once again Set had scattered her husband….The bastard! THEN SHE….

Angela:  becomes tenacious and reassembles are the parts and finds that he is missing his penis, creates one from gold (yep she is a sculptor and artist) and then becomes the Queen of Magic raising the first person from the dead.  Thus it is stated that in this Act Isis the Human becomes Isis the Goddess, and is given the crown of the Sun disks (the first female Goddess ever to wear this crown)

Sonya:  Isis then loses her husband to the underworld, but gains the throne, only to wander for forty years, while gaining armies, allies, and friends as a Goddess protecting her child, then as a mother providing, and not as a princess or queen but as a savage warrior who slays anyone who approaches her child.  

ANGELA:  Isis is considered the best mother and is the epitome of all Mother Goddesses we study, she holds the child to her breast to feed it, just as she feeds us, she fights for her child, and she raises him to become a leader and to claim his destiny like all mothers do…

Sonya:  I know you are all thinking, yeah, well I don’t worhship isis…well you might

Angela:  If you worship:  Astarte, Aphrodite, Erishkagel, Innana, Ishtar, Ixchel, Fortuna, Thalia, Venus, Vesta, Neferet, Hathor (even) Athena, Artemis, Diana, Selena,  Demeter, Babao, Amaterusu, The Virgin Mary, Mother Goddess, you could be worshiping Isis.

Sonya:  As time progressed Isis was so popular that as other Goddesses temples fell, she came in and resurrected them adding her name and a hyphen to their name.  In the case of Venus and Aphrodite she saved their worship in an age where men could not stand the idea of Women being powerful. 

Angela:  She is also the first Goddess to travel the world, leaving her own continent and spreading her love and message to people of every race, color, caste, and sexuality (she had transsexuals priests in Persia!)  

Sonya:  In the year 300 ad it was written by the Historian Theolipius that it was a mystery as to who the people would worship…Isis or Jesus

Angela:  It seems the trinity of Male Gods only won, and Isis became sitting in the corner of every Temple with a shrine, at every Christian church… as the Virgin Mary.

So in her honor today, we are going to sing a little diddy I wrote to her…
Have people pass confetti around while singing this….

"Because of Isis, there is a heaven
Because of Isis, there is an earth.
Because of Isis, the river floods in springtime
Because of Isis, the trees bear fruit
Because of Isis, Because of Isis,  we give thanks
Because of Isis, Because of Isis, we are here
Because of Isis because of Isis because of Isis we give thanks
Because of Isis because of Isis because of isis we are here

Because of Isis
Because of Isis
Because of Isis we are here

Because of Isis 
Because of Isis
Because of Isis we give thanks..... "

SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY….throw the confetti, and blow the horns,
Light a birthday candle…….
Then have everyone get a bead from Isis as a party favor….

(TELL PEOPLE) These are from Egypt and are called Mummy beads or ubashi beads you wear them every day until you die, then they go with you to the underworld so that the spirits realize that you have spent time with the Goddess Isis.
Now it is time to party…I hope all the Gods want to join us…

Leave the circle open and feast or potluck with the Gods.  Then play dance music and shake a tailfeather! Then take down circle, clean up...and Sing Because of Isis all the way home!


  1. This was such a fun time and it was wonderful to have a birthday party to the wonderful Goddess Isis :-)

  2. Yes it was Jennifer Kahn and thank you