Monday, April 1, 2013

I found myself, now what do I do with her?

It takes silence to listen to the Gods.  There are many layers of existence that are going on at the same time on so many different dimensions; but if you focus and you ignore or get "past" the everyday sounds of non silence (like TV's blaring, the sound of yourself typing, the sounds of trains on the railroad tracks, or cars driving down the road, or airplanes zooming over head).  If you can tune out all of that then you can hear what is really going on.  Especially in the mornings when you have not had time to cut on your "chatterbox" that is rattling what you have to do for the day, week, month in your head.  You know that voice that immediately reminds you of the laundry you have to put in the washer, or fill the coffee pot, or pack your lunch, or what you are going to wear that day...?  Yeah, that voice. 

 If you get up before that voice is "awake"  then you can hear the Universe........

The sun rises slowly in the east illuminating the sky with white light.  It's beams circle like halos on the earth, and you very easily can reach out and drink in its perpetual light; lighting up your stomach with the light of the sun, sending it down to your pelvis, further down your calves, into your feet, your toes spread sending it down into the earth that you feel yourself connecting too.  You hear that?  That is the beat of the Earth God Geb below you .  Yep, that's right!  The sun energy you sent him made you connected to him.  Beat, beat...Bump, Bump....Beat, Beat,.....Bump, Bump.

You sit there swaying to the energy of the Planet Earth's heart beat until you feel it feeding you.  It pushes you up and back...You need a quick breath.  In hale!  That is Shu...(Say it like Shuuuuu), yep say his name outlide and let it roll of your tongue...SHEWWW.  Feel his light blue light filling you up, entering through your mouth, coating your tongue, tickling your throat, going to your chest and swirling around there.  Blue light blue....Send that swirling energy down to your navel, further down into your pelvis, let it trickle down your thighs and then creep into your calves, rushing down into your feet...spreading your toes and planting you firm.  

Look up.  Notice the beautiful blue sky stretching over you and the clouds chasing each other.  That's Nut (pronounced Newt) Say it...NUUUUUT!  That is your big atmospheric Mama protecting you!  Isn't she just beautiful! Yep, you do live in a bubble and that Bubble is cradling you and protecting you!  Doesn't it feel nice to know you are that loved and taken care of? 

 Breathe in the Shu, Sway to the heartbeat of Geb, Look up at Nut and Feel that you are loved.

Feel the bright sunshine prickling your skin.  Notice its warmth; let it enter into every pour of your being.  Notice that it is illuminating you and that for a moment our vision is smeared like Vaseline on a window pane.  That is Ra, Grandfather Ra.  Say Thank you Ra, for that insight today. (Hear yourself saying those words and notice how heartfelt they are and how happy you are right now!)

Now go on get inside and get ready for whatever your day is unfolding to be.  Prepare in joy, let your pace be the same as the universes, may you flow and understand that you are so loved; and truly truly a remarkable being...and while you are driving to drop off your children at school, going to work, or just taking your dog for a walk; remember that heart beat, feel that sun flowing under your skin!  SMILE!  You are connected!

Thank you for the gift of your time! 

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