Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Southerners did not invent simple pleasures, we just refined them!

TRUTH:  I have a recurring feeling  every night and have for as long as I can remember…when I lay down to go to sleep I feel the Goddess wrap her arms around me, and I feel her lightly brush my face in love.

 So where have I been, don’t I have a Blog to run or something?  I have been here fellow Southern Witchlings!  Here in Memphis, Tennessee plodding through the day to day things we all do.  I wash dishes, I do laundry, I mop floors (with special scents of course), I cook dinner, fix lunch; prepare breakfast, and all of Cayden’s snacks.  I tend to my little toddler Cayden who while not yet a year and a half has the attitude of a two-year old.  I sit still at times, and close my eyes and listen to the hum of the world as it spins, sings, and speaks to me.

Since the last time I have spoken to you all I had Thanksgiving at two homes, and assisted my husband do a new moon ritual for “career changes or a new job” spells.  I listened and learned as he shared with me and many others the history and stories of the Sumerian Gods and Goddesses.  I spent time talking to and calling “Ki” the Sumerian Earth Goddess and she fascinated me and enthralled me at the same time. I celebrated his birthday with the  Pagan Community he loves so much during his much loved "Meetup and Pagan Roundup" time where he shared thoughts on making things manifest.

I have had visitors drop in and out of our home; some to just talk and spend time with us, some in joy, some in sorrow, but it is all part of life.  I have had an eldest man-child finally finish an album he has worked on for over two years and see him go “hmmm”.  Of course, he did not like it that when I shared with him the title of the project “Tree of leaves and fire” sort of doomed it to take that long…yet ensured it Bigger success than he realized.  Then, I am a Mother, and I did change his diapers and stare into his big voluminous eyes for hours in fascination at the creation I saw swimming beneath his surface.

I have found out my husband has COPD, which has stopped him and I short and slowed us down a bit more…as if a baby had not done the job.  I have re-discovered emotions like Compassion, Understanding, Hope (which tends to peek its head out right when we are throwing our arms up to the universe in a giving up gesture).  I have come to understand that I have will power (duh I am a witch!) and I can stop smoking!  I have also learned this means that just because I can quit does not mean I should expect my partner to do it just as fast.

In a few weeks Temple books and new guidelines, and ways of doing things have stopped swirling about and started to take form; just like my baby who is now almost climbing over fences!  In a few weeks I have found myself loving my husband more openly, and being more soft and tender to people because now I understand like never before the fragility of life. In a few weeks, I have gotten excited about Yule found myself “dancing inside” when I think about seeing all my friends, and pagan family together for Winterfest.  In a few weeks, you do realize that in some TIME ZONE this could have been twenty years…but definitely more than two days.  

TRUTH:  When I am going through a really really tough or sad or scary time in my life.  I sit real still and close my eyes, and reach my arms up and imagine myself being picked up by my big Goddess Mommy and she scoops me up, and pats my back, and washes my face, and smooths my hair, and rocks me back and forth and tells me…"Everything is going to be all right, that she is here and will always be here; and that no one can hurt me while mommy is around."  You know, it always works!

What has happened in your two weeks? OH, and did I thank you all for hanging around and sharing the gift of your time?  THANK YOU

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